Monday, August 2, 2010

Babe Shower

We went to our first Baby Class today. All I have to say is OH MY GOODNESS... C-section never looked so great. I say that because it absolutley terrified me to push this kid out of my little body.

I had a shower yesterday. It was great, We got alot of things for the Babe!

This is a diaper cake. I had never seen one before and this one was awesome. It was cute, it had a police officer bear and a hairstylist bear. There was a silver cup, with utensils.

Alicia and I

Nikki and I


Lorraine said...

haha i love your big belly!!!!!
i didnt you know you had this shower till i checked here! you must have all sorts of stuff for the baby now!

LeeAnn said...

Lorraine.. you got an invite for it.. What are you talking about you didnt know I had this shower? I have 1 more on the 22nd of this month and then that will be it. Now for the babe to get here some time after September 18th.