Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sold.... I hope

Keep your fingers crossed folks... Im am so sad. I only lived in that house for 4 years. It has been through alot with me. I moved in after 4 yrs of living in a condo after my divorce. I bought this house and it was mine. It had hard wood floors, real tile for the bathroom floors and the old heavy porcelain tub. It kills me. I really wish it were at the beach so that I could have it as my second home.
On another note.. I sold it, and that is great news in this situation we are in, in America. Oh the memories...

In a week Ken and I take our vows. Ken for the first time.. poor guy he has no idea what he is about to do!! WUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA. He says things will be fine as long as I dont start acting crazy. We put a board together for the party and well the board is so cute.. I have on my side like 14 pictures and Ken the self glorification man has like 1000000. for our side there is like 1. ( not really Im over exaggerating.
Im excited... this is our last Sunday single.

Remember keep your fingers crossed that these people close on the house on the 26th. YIPEE!!!!


Lorraine said...

i am so excited for you, leeann. you are getting a great husband.
if you divorce him i will be HIS friend and get rid of you.
hope your cute house is a goner!

Anonymous said...

You both are so lucky to have found each other! Can't wait for the party...Love you both.......Pam

kate said...

well it does look like a sweet home but its a great reason to be walking away from it right? :)

kate said...

could i put something up on my blog about you and ken next weekend? or would that be too intrusive? :/

Christina said...

I am hoping for you too! hoping even more that the "Margarita Dream" became reality hee hee, Thanks again for being awesome!! Have a great week and lots of luv and hugs and best wishes to you and Ken!! -Christina

LeeAnn said...

It is a very good think Kate... In fact I think Im running toward him!! :o) You are more then welcome to put something on your blog for us!! Thank you!!

Christina... I did I DID have a margarita Saturday night. Top shelf!! It was awesome.... Thank you! Ken took a pic but it would not upload for some reason.. I have one that I will share with you soon!!