Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So much to do, So little time........

Oh my goodness the list of things I have to do today....
I have to go to Costco
I have to go to the Post Office
Pack up the China cabinet
Pack for the lake this weekend

And the list goes on.... and on... and on.

The cakes are going to be awesome. The woman who is doing them has a website.. go check her out.

Alrighty Im headed upstairs to start the day!!!!


kate said...

hi leeann

i know things are terribly busy for you. i just wanted to wish you the happiest of times this weekend -- you will be a beautiful bride. i think you and your ken are completely charming and hope for you the best of lives together.


ps i assume you've been taking at least 400 mcg of folic acid daily? :P

LeeAnn said...

Aww Kate you are so nice!! Thank you. I have NOT been taking 400mg of folic acid.. But I do however eat a ton of salads!!! We will take tons of pictures!!

Christine Schattner said...

Just wanted to wish you lots of luck this weekend and very happy life together!! We will get together one of these days, once life slows down a bit!!!!