Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well as you know... this picture is of Trouble. Trouble has been nothing but. She chews on clothes, she chewed up the remotes, Kens phone, she trashed the house. She ate Casey's doggie that Casey carried around, She digs holes in the yard that Ken just last weekend filled with concrete so that she couldn't dig anymore. She goes underneath the fence and so now we have to block that off.

WELL... I was getting my coffee ready this morning before I got dressed and lo and behold but WHO I say WHO do you think I see digging in the ground like she is getting ready to go to China?
That's right... Casey.. The one I stick up for while yelling at shit bag. The one I let sleep on the bed with us. We should have known she set Sammy up the same way. We didn't find out til later after Sammy was gone and the things that we were yelling at Sammy for doing we still being done because of CASEY! Ohhhh I was so mad. Poor Trouble.. No doubt she digs too, Holes weren't being dug before she got here. I think she showed Casey what to do and then Casey when we were yelling at Trouble got the bright idea to do it and frame Trouble... Now Trouble is sitting in the bathroom with her 2 front paws crossed.. I told Ken we should have gotten that Shitzu.


Anonymous said...

You know, its not bad enough that you blamed poor Sammy, God rest her soul, for the things that Casey did. NOW, you're starting our our life with Trouble by automatically assuming she is guilty.

Some people never learn! Shame on you!!