Monday, April 13, 2009

Boring rainy but not raining Monday....

Watching Sixteen Candles... you know what I have come to the realization that 1984 was cool. I remember watching this when I was 9. I wanted high school to be just like that and well it wasnt. ( sigh ) big sigh....

Called another photographer today. He is more of a commercial photo guy but he does weddings. John Barnes..

Let me know what you think. Lets see... My house is market ready any one want to buy it? Its a great big 3 br ranch. brick. 2 bathrooms. NICE!!!!!!!!!! hardwood floors, sun room, screened in porch. Deck.

Anyhoo..... Ill upload some pictures of Trouble that I took yesterday. I swear some of my friends needs to have some kids. My subjects are tired of posing for me to take some pictures.

Our wedding rings came in today.. Yippeee.. I want to wear mine. Its so pretty!

alright.. thats all for now. Talk later!