Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A skirt, A top, and a ROCK!

Well the skirt and top is what I found at White and Black on Monday. I like it but I didnt buy it, when Nikki comes in town this weekend we will go to Friendly Center and of course I will check it out again. I am also going to try to find some coupons online so that I can get a discount. HAHAHAH funny arent I?!

The next is the rock. I was cleaning the fish bowl and I had gotten these new black rocks to put in the bottom of her bowl. I was cleaning them and the bowl and one of the rocks went down the drain. I could not get it out to save my life. I bent a spoon and everything. So I went and told Kenny and he said that I was an idiot and how do I get a rock stuck in the drain. He got it out with a pair of pliers and *poof* it was done!


Anonymous said...

I like your skirt and top. I think you ought to go for it.

Anonymous said...

I like the simple black dress. Other print is a little large for your skinny ass ..don't you think. Sure didn't know it took cuffs, walkie talkie, and what ever else that handsome Ken had on to just get one little rock. A piece of chewed gum and a long handled wooden spoon would have done the job too...to simple for a man of his knowledge tho I guess...lololol

Anonymous said...

is that a rock or turd?