Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our weather!!!!

Blake had off of school yesterday for MLK day, so we went to paint pottery. We were standing there waiting for some black color and when the lady squirted it out of the bottle it BLEW!!! Enlarge the pic below and you will see Blakes face. I was taller so I missed the brundt of it.
Our lovely plate that we painted yesterday.

The snow , the snow , the snow. Ahhhh all my northern buddies eat your heart out. YOU only wish you had this little!! So Ken gets dressed this morning in his uniform because when we have weather like this they need more patrol. Ya'll he was so handsome this morning as you can see in one of the pictures how thrilled he is with me taking his picture yet again. Speaking of which, I think I need more picture subjects, Mine right now dont even smile for me anymore or when I pull the camera out they run away. I tell you Im going to be that person you see in the park taking pictures of ppl I dont know. Anyhoo... We got some snow this morning and Ken was off to work and guess what His battery was DEAD again. So I jumped him of AGAIN, and off he went trying his damnest to get up that hill. His back tire was spinning and I just hope that he didnt spin it flat!
I know for all of those who gets snow all the time its nothing big, and for us that has 85' weather all the time thats nothing big, but the snow is really nice to watch!


Mary S. said...

I think I need to move where you live. And it was all gone the next day, that would be perfect!

Mom of 3 Boys said...

blake's plate is very nice.
what are you going to do with it?