Monday, January 12, 2009

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Well Yesterday was a big day. We had Corbins celebration of life ceremony. ken and I arrived to help out early, much to our surprise most of the DECORATING had been done. I got very choked up when I saw the table with alot of beautiful pictures of Corbi. They had a slide show, with music that she liked. It was very nice. About 12:30, I heard the roar of motorcycles come in and then I knew that it was going to be a long afternoon. There were over 600 people there to come and see the family. 600! It was standing room only. There were tears, smiles, and laughs yesterday. I know Corbi would have loved it. There were also a TON of balloons filled with Helium to be let go by all the children that came yesterday to say their goodbyes to her. Blake had a balloon he let it go but before he did.. ( I know it was Corbins day but before he let it go he said say hi to grandaddy for me ) that tore me up. After he said it I kissed the ballon and then he did too and let it go. All these balloons truly looked beautiful flying up in the air.

Today I will be looking for tickets to go to Fla in March. Wish me luck.

Tomorrow there is no telling what will happen, so take care of all the people Today that you didnt Yesterday!
I love all of you in a very special way!


Mary said...

I've been thinking about you guys. I hope you are all doing ok.

Good luck with the tickets. A vacation is probably exactly what you need.

Keena said...

I agree with Mary!! Good luck with the tickets:)

Sounds like a beautiful day and the perfect way to honor Corbin.

Anonymous said...

You didn't tell me that!!! Blake and I let go of another balloon and he didn't tell me either. They don't make them any sweeter than my Blake.