Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can you guess where this is from?????

BEFORE YOU HIT PLAY..... Leave me a message about where you have heard this song before. Ken does not think anyone will know what Im talking about. I tried to tell him that this song is legendary!! It is LEGENDARY


LeeAnn said...

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!! I have to buy the whole album for itunes which Im not going to do. So I will just listen to it here!!

"Id Fcuk me."
"Would you Fcuk me?"
"I'd Fcuk me hard."
"I'd Fcuk me so hard"

I FRIGGIN LOVE That part.. you know when he is dancing in front of the video camera after he tucks himself.. does that make me twisted?? I LOVE IT!! I know you guys out there love it too..

Mary said...

OMG, it's Buffallo Bill! Silence of The Lambs! I love that movie. I was thinking it was from an 80's flick.
That movie is still so creepy!

Lorraine said...

never heard of it,
sorry kenny is right