Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Funny things!

Funny how some things work out... Ill give you some examples...
I go back to work for 1 week. Have an awesome week, and BOOM I'm home today because of this ice. Seriously?! Really?!

I am a hairdresser. I am a trained professional, I know that you loose hair after having a baby. I tell people all the time, "its ok.. Its normal".. IF I LOSE ANY MORE FREAKING HAIR I'M GOING TO BE BALD! ( Which would be alright I have someone very close to me going through some stuff and SHE is bald... she is HAWT bald!)

I cant get my car out of the driveway, the hill I live on is slick as a wet booger you just pulled out of your nose!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Leave it to me... How do I know that you ask... My husband told me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! Cars are going up and they are sliding back down... Some have gotten up the hill, but Im not feeling to froggy today. It will be another day of online looking around and shopping, wiping the drool monsters chin. I swear I keep him slathered in Vaseline because I wipe his chins so much Im afraid he will get chapped chins.

Henry is teething I think, and I'M HOME all day with him... he is one cranky yankbel. (yankbel: 1/2 yankee and 1/2 rebel)

Today will be another day that I get to play with my camera. Although it is too much work to get Henry dressed, bundled, dressed again for the outside to have him sit there and cry because he is too hot in his outerwear. The picture will not come out right and it will be tears that Ill have to hear for like the next 2 hrs til he calms down again... yeahhhh not feeling it. Ill just take his picture sitting in his bouncy and looking at the snow from inside.... Much better!

Is it me or does the homeless guy Ted Williams look like your president? I'm not being funny, I seriously see resemblance, AND if you hear them talk they kinda sound like each other..

Have a great day, think of me as I sit here in an igloo. (its not cold in here I just said igloo because of the weather outside!)