Saturday, January 8, 2011

Back to work.

Henry and his Papa watching John Wayne movies.Ken said that they sat there and had the best time!
His Grandaddy would be so proud if he were here! If he were here he would be watching Clint Eastwood films.

I feel like Adam Sandler in the movie Billy Madison....back to work, back to work, I am going back to work.

New Years was good. It came, and it went. I do not believe in setting resolutions because they are almost never kept. SO, I signed back up for weight watchers. Henry has "MADE" me gain some poundage around where I didn't have poundage before. SO, hopefully that will be gone soon. It worked before I'm sure it will work again. If not Its alright Ill be a fat happy cow.

Like the Blog name change?? I think that I'm going to change it. Its hard to write about a precious babe and have the blog name be And you wonder why I have so many mood swings... Yeahhhhh, not feeling it anymore.

I'm STARVING! I want to eat JUNK FOOD! ahhhh there... I'm fine now!


Anonymous said...

Not really feeling the new name on the blog, but hey whatever you like.You go girl. Little man is just too cute watching tv with his grandpa and ken talking in the back ground is a plus also. HAHA i like how he changed to from a duke fan to the duke fan nice catch ken. lol