Sunday, November 22, 2009

Billy Currington...

This is Billy Currington. We went to see him last night at Coyote Joes. I want to share with you some things that I learned last night......

1. Billy Currington, while he has good music, and good CDs, he sucks as a preformer.

2. I am not a fan of Waffle House... Awful House actually.

3. Im not 25 anymore. This pains me. I think I have offically lost my "Bar Mojo".
( bar mojo is the ability to push through all the OLD people
to get a beer and then pass those OLD people as Im going
back to the front at the stage, where I proceed to get
guitar pixs from the lead singer and flirt with the
guitar player. Then, when the set is over I stay behind
to get a closer glimpse of the guitar player to see if he is
worth me buying a beer for as a "Thank you for a great concert".

4. Im one of those OLD people that those little young heffers pushed past last night to get a beer. depressing..

5. Working all day on my feet and going to a bar to stand on my feet all night was not a smart move. MY FEET are killing me. I can hardly walk they hurt so bad right now.

6. I do not like Awful House.

7. Beer is EXPENSIVE out at a bar. I seriously dont remember this, maybe it was because I was younger and I didnt pay for beer, because, I had " Bar Mojo ". I think I will drink at home, in the car and then water at the bar. For 6 beers, Mich Ultra it was $16 dollars. FOR A SIX PACK OF MICH ULTRA!! It is $7 maybe $8 at the grocery store.

8. The only excitement last night was earlier in the evening we notcied this young couple doing some serious PDA. Well, as the night went on the drinks were flowing and well so were the girls... and I guess he looked at one WRONG because she hauled off and smacked him across the face! HE STOOD there like an idiot. ugh.. the young people...

9. God is Great, Beer is good and PEOPLE are CRAZY!

10. Im glad that I have had all my experience with this and Im glad that it is in the past..I am too old to do this every weekend, too cheap, and the HEART burn I had this morning from last ngiht is terrible. Good gosh where did that come from?!It was from the AWFUL HOUSE IM SURE at 1am. ugh..

The cause of mild heartburn? hmmmmmm... I think so!

Oh and dear young girls... Dont "Eye Fcuk" me. ( Bad word sorry... )
It was I who laid the bricks you are walking on now, with your little shirts and your tight jeans. I know that it is cold outside, so I choose to wear a shirt with sleeves. And I also know how terrible of crotch rot you can get from tight jeans so I choose to wear ones that flatten my front and plump my back a bit.( not that I ever got crotch rot ) Its a choice dammit. So If I want to get into your picture to do a funny face and ruin it it is fun for me to do that. Its the digital age sweetheart you can delete it. Back in my day we had to pay for all 24 pictures whether there was someone in there or not so dont you "Eye Fcuk " me!


Anonymous said...

I think you said a mouthful!!!! It's tough to get old isn't it.

Anonymous said...

WOW What SHE said....You can really get them told...You and Nikki are soooooooo much alike in some respects....lolol guess thats why I love you too & 2 Ken. But I think next time...IF there is a next time.....tell them how you REALLY! feel...