Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Look its finally done!! Yeaaaaaa!!!!!!!

The Empty Room.
The old Floor

Working on the floor

The Finished Floor

The Couch

The Love seat and Chair

It is so nice I cant wait for all to see!!


Anonymous said...

The new floor looks nice. And I like the couch and loveseat. I never realized you had a fireplace before. Must have been hidden by the old furniture!!

Lorraine said...

nice :)

kate said...

very nice!! i love the tile floor in the kitchen. we got a new kitchen floor a couple of months or so ago. we put in hardwood to match my other floors. we had to get a new floor because ella ate our old one. :/

like your new furniture too - looks like the kind you can just snuggle up in.

Greg said...

The new floor looks great!! I wish I had the time and knowledge to do floors. There are a few in my house I would really like to update.