Monday, September 7, 2009

Just some pictures of us yesterday out on the lake with the dogs. It was Holly's first boat ride and she did fairly well. Ken had to pick her up and carry her to the boat.She has gotten away from Ken when we first got here and he went of course and chased her. She came back with him. I was taking her out yesterday afternoon and she got out of her collar and ran away.. I let her go. I went back in and got Casey to take her out. Holly was no where to be found. I then came back in with Casey and Ken was like wheres Holly. I said she got loose.. She will come back when she wants too.. or not. He went and found her and now she is back with us. I tried Lord I tried... Next time she needs to run away faster! ;o) Enjoy the pics.


Lorraine said...

kenny is lucky to find such a great gal ;)

kate said...

admit it. you love pound dog!

cute pics. :)