Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Emerald Pointe

I learned so much about this place today. It sure has changed in the last 17 years. The place smelled of urine. I think people use the pool as the bathroom. There was a huge long line for the rides. Once we got onto the rides we had a blast. It was so much fun. We got hungry so Blake and I had a slice of pizza and a drink... 2 Slices of Pizza + 2 drinks = 17.00. NO lie.... I hope that you enjoy the pictures. We made our Labor Day plans yesterday... yippeee.. We are going to the lake for the long weekend. Ken has so many presentations, he has interviews, and stays late at work.. I think he is having an affair with his job.


Greg said...

Emerald Point has done a lot of changing through the years...you are absolutely right. I'm actually surprised that it is still open. Its been years since I was there...and that was on police business. It was a mess then, and has gotten worse from what I hear from other officers.