Monday, August 17, 2009

So I saw Mama Mia today. Not too bad. I didnt mind the singing since it was all ABBA tunes. I think Meryl Streep was fantastic in the movie. Im not a huge fan of hers but, she is alright. The only other movie I liked of hers was when she cheated on her husband. HAHAHAHHAHA!!! BUT, the fool didnt go and choose happiness she chose her dead end marriage.. ugh... oh well it won her an Oscar. Bridges of Madison County. Although it should have been My husbands out of town, Im unhappy, come on over for some loving! HAHHAHAHAHAH!

Went to the eye doctor today... he told me I was getting old and the "floater" that I have is normal and soon my brain wont see it to just bear with it. Whatever that means.

For some reason I want to go to the Greek Islands....


Christina said... now you have something else to talk to Beth about! This is her FAVORITE movie!