Monday, January 7, 2008

Writers Strike be gone...

Oh Please Oh Please give the writers a percentage of the money when people watch their shows online.. I think im the only person who sits in church and prays for the Giants to win and for the writers strike to be over. Men in Trees it was at such a good part. I must find out if Jack gets off of the lifeboat and back to Alaska to pick up with Marin.

On another note.. I sent a package to my dear favorite cousin Lorraine.. lets all hold hands and pray that this package gets to her. It has been 2 weeks and Im nervous that she wont get it. I sent something that I probably now looking back on it should not have sent. It was liquid. NO SENSE talking about not getting there lets just hope that it does. Anyhoo... today is so pretty it is almost 70' here. BEAUTIFUL!!! I had to wear a sweatshirt earlier but now Im good with a longsleeve shirt.

I have lost 3lbs. probably more by now I havent weighed since last Thursday. I am going to go out tomorrow and get Skinny Bitch in the kitch.. hahahha I cant wait. Ken likes it but just dont ask him about it or he will deny it. Its ok I know the real truth.

alright I dont feel like getting on a political high horse right now.. Ill save that one for later. Although I will say that voting for a person you think will do good because you agree with him or her on one subject is not a reason to vote for them. Please look at all points of view. One may say to care for the enviroment but he says that as he is getting into his 5 SUV caravan to go to the next stop. One may say that she or he has experience in the white house.. OH ok.. Im not going to go there... ok before I go any further and get all pissed off.. Ill end on a happy note.. Vote True.. Dem or Rep make sure you belive wholeheartedly in the person you are about to cast your vote for!


Lorraine said...

i got my package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 yeah baby!!!