Thursday, January 3, 2008

Im gonna be a Skinny Bitch.

THis book that Kenny got ne for Christmas was an eye opener! It is wonderful funny read. I am on a life changing mission. I will no longer eat Dairy, If I do it will be a tiny bit ( I so LOVE cheese). Meat and I are not pals. I ate mostly meatless things anyway when I could help it but Now more then ever. I have totally changed the habits that I have picked up. I will eat sugar as long as it is raw and or organic. No more egg pastas WHole grain wheat please. No more yucky bad things. I will let you know how Im doing through the time. I cant have any alcohol. Thats not going to be something that is hard to give up.. I havent been right since Vegas.Anyhoo.. Ill just have to do some adjusting since my buddy has never been drunk we are taking her out in Charlotte on the 12th Ashley Get ready.... whhoooo!!! Ill drive!


Lorraine said...

hmm what book is this....what kind of present is this book! haha!