Monday, August 15, 2011

After 4 days of sleep, swallowing lightly,not eating much, 102 fever, sleeping more, I think by goodness the dreadful supervirus has started to pack up and leave the house!! YaY!!!
This is for Papa, Nana, and Nona! ( really it is for everyone but I figured they like to see their names on the blog every once in a while ) I filmed this on Sunday morning after all our medication was taken. Henry was in a surprisingly good mood! Here he is making his "flutter lip" debut!! I have this client of mine that brings me a coke in a glass bottle when she comes in to get her hair done. Man I tell you what there is just something about Coke-a-cola from a glass bottle that is just down right awesome! Some choose to pour a pack of peanuts in it, although it is good, I however, do not like it as much because it makes the peanuts a tad soggy. Not my thing..

Im starting the preperations on the little guys 1st birthday. Now Im not one of these moms who goes all out for birthdays. But this is his first one and it is his golden birthday.
For those of you who dont know what a Golden Birthday is, it is the day you were born and the number of years you are. Henry will be 1 on the 1st!
So exciting things getting ready to happen for that... Ill keep it quiet... you will find out in due time!


Lorraine said...

hope the henster has a great first bday :)
he is like me for the golden bday ;0)