Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Soo much has happened... Ok... here it goes...

WELL.... First off we have some family living over in England right now! I hope they are reading this blog because these pictures will be for you Rebecca!!

It was Ken's birthday on the 17th. SO for his birthday I got him a beach house. I know I know... we already have one but I got him one anyways. It was ocean front, and he had a ball sitting on the porch that was covered, with the ocean breeze on his face. NOT to mention it was awesome for me because I had some major beach time that I had been missing out on. Enjoy the pictures.. Now it just seems we are working for the weekend when we can go back again!

This was the moon our first night there. It was absolutely beautiful!

This was great! I brought a little baby pool down with me and sat him in that. No sand rash for Henry!!! He loved it the water came over top and filled the little pool right on up. It was great!

This is a funny picture to us!


Lorraine said...

i like the new family pic up top but i had to say i noticed the boob smooshage. HAHA