Friday, June 24, 2011


Well this week has been tiring! We caught a little "Jerry" that had a hay day running thru my pantry, the pantry in the bathroom and underneath in the cabinets. Nice... I have disinfected everything so far. Tomorrow's feat will be the cabinets.. Thanks Ken!!! Ill put the dishes away when I get home.

I made a yummy cobbler tonite from a friends recipe! Here goes:
1c self rising flour
1c sugar
1c milk
Fruit to your liking and however much you want in it!
350' for 30 minutes!! DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what work is getting!
I made a blueberry one tonite! It is good...


Lorraine said...

glad the mouse didnt get the cobbler! but if there is one...well, you know the saying!
be sure to check outside and see how they are coming in. justine had a small hole in siding and had a whole crew in her house.