Monday, May 9, 2011

No Title today... it is just Monday

This is too appropriate for me I know!! I had to do it!

His face after the Spaghetti

My child may be Irish on the outside, but he is Italian on the inside! He loved the Spaghetti tonite. We are off to the doctor tomorrow to see a specialist for Henry. His head is a little flat in the back and well it is starting to have an impact on his facial features. When I called 4 months ago I was told that he was too young and that I had to be referred by his doctor and I could never get a referral because she said he wasn't old enough. You know Ill take a picture of my monkey if he gets a handsome helmet!!! Went to McDonald's the other day. The bill was $4.69. I started to give her a 20 and then I realized I had a 5 dollar bill. I gave her that instead. You would have thought the world ended. She seriously could not give me change. All I needed back was 31c. She gave me 34c and told me to have a nice day. She was really confused about who much change to give back. I played it off and gave her her 3c back and said aww I think these 3 pennies snuck out... I don't want you to be short on this register. She thanked me and told me that her manager would have not liked that she miss counted.. WHAT???? What ever happened to the Fisher Price cash register. Lorraine I think had one or it could have been Debbie but I remember playing on that thing for a long time. Do they still make those.. I need to invest in one for Henry for when he gets a little older.


Christine Schattner said...

Don't worry if he needs a helmet- we have several friends who needed them, and the time flies by. Plus, you can decorate it with Yankees stuff! He's a cutie!!

Lorraine said...

haha about the register....must have been debbie. who knows. i cant remember anything