Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This is so cute.
Henry is sitting up now. He pulls himself up from a laying in my arms position to sitting up. Is he supposed to do that before he rolls over? He is getting over a cold that he has had. Silly germies got my little man! all the more to build his immune system! CHRISTMAS IS COMING THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS LIKE IN 3 DAYS!!! I told Ken we could open gifts and he says NO that we have to wait. Come on Christmas for 1 very good reason... I will get my living room somewhat back on the 26th. The tree is coming down, Christmas will be no more at the L household!!! Ugh.. For 2011, there are going to be quite a few changes! That will be a post for next week. I have to store them in my librainey!

Anybody get the magazine Real Simple? Im thinking of getting it next year. I really like it.. Along with Our State.. I like that one too. Ok well while little man is asleep I have to get baking. Ken took the wrong tupperware this morning so I have to make all those cookies again, OF course I went to the store this morning to find that they have NO MORE Bakers White chocolate. Nice huh.. these cookies will get a powdered sugar frosting instead of chocolate... Oh well.. Enjoy the pictures.. .