Monday, July 26, 2010

A moldy Berry

A moldy berry will ruin the whole carton.

It is funny to me what one precieves as a moldy berry. I take my time to look over all the strawberries in the carton. I look seriously close to see if I see any signs of mold, fur, discoloration etc... and then I find the perfect carton. No condensation. No fur. No discoloration. I put them in my cart and proceed to shop for the other things on my list. I get home and Im so excited to wash my new perfect fruit to only put it into my mouth freshly washed and freshly cut only to find a MOLDY BERRY! WHAT??? WHY??? I looked over and over.. what in the world? How in the world? How did this happen from the time I put the perfect carton of berries into my buggy and the time it took me to get home? It couldnt have been more then 60minutes. Oh Well..... After one moldy berry, I look closley and I find another moldy berry. hmmmm Im disappointed. I love strawberries and because of one moldy berry I threw over 1/4 of them out... Its a shame.

On another note Our baby is poking his little feet and his butt up in the air for me to see... I would really like to see if I can get that in a picture.. Im an ok photographer but whew that one is going to be tough to catch! He likes to get his feet up in my ribcage. He also like to stick his butt way up there and then keep it there so that it sticks up and he thinks its funny and keeps it there... Still have no name for the babe yet.

We have a shower this weekend. Im so excited! Pictures will follow...

Casey is losing weight so I took her in today for a checkup. THey took bloodwork and it is being tested right now. Ill let you know more when I find out more!


Lorraine said...

have an andrew in the south. haha!!!