Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We are Back....

Well... Our trips are always eventful.. So let me tell you about this one..

First our plane was delayed in Gso. Then our plane was delayed in Clt.

We get to Tampa.

We go to the game on Sunday. The Yanks came out and looked great during practice. Too bad we did not get to see them play. It poured rain. Cancelled. We were sad. So we traveled 400 miles to go to the aquarium. It was nice. on a rainy day. I. Guess.

Monday we went to Clearwater to the Philly stadium and we saw them play there. It was good. Of course there were no starters there that day but thats alright. We came home today and we are two tired puppies. Enjoy the pictures.

Delicious Fried Mac and cheese balls from Cheese Cake Factory!!

As if you didnt know who these two hotties are...

Some fish at the Aquarium

Heres Nick Swisher. He was cute last year but scrumptious this year.