Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oy Vey.....

Good gravy am I tired. The trash man came this morning and took away the last remnents of Christmas at the Leonard household. Bye bye tree and real live wreath that was beautiful on my front door. Bye bye broken glass ornaments that looked nice on the tree til they fell off because limbs were drooping. Now I am off on a mission to get my house back to normal.

My arms are killing me from playing the Wii... I lost every sports event Ken and I played, BUT I kicked his tail in boxing, sword fighting and cooking. Nice... I think that is going to be our new thing when we get mad at each other, hook up the Wii and box away. or sword fighting..

Now on another note.. New Years is coming and it is that time to clense the bad of 2009 and welcome the clean new start to 2010.

A toast to 2010...
Cheers to you, Cheers to me, Have a happy New Years Eve.


Korey said...

you crack me up, miss LA.
when are you coming to visit the ferland 5???

Katie said...

cute pic!
good to catch up on your life. and please continue to use profanity. i kind of like it.