Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Leonard House!

Ken and I enjoy it so much here... We hope that you enjoy the pictures of our home!

This is our house... I am going to upload these to facebook so I can have my house on there too...

This is the view at dusk of our house.

This is my favorite time of the day when the sun is going down behind the mountains. I just love how the house looks when its getting dark.

This is where Ken and I warm ourselves. We had this stone fireplace built.

This is I think the cleanest I have had my kitchen. Usually I have the counters filled with food because, the stable help comes in from a hard day at work, I like to keep them fed.I never hear them complain about my cooking.

Ken insisted about getting a hot tub. We thought this was the perfect setting. It is a bit cold when we get out, so they are coming next week to place heaters underneath the stone so that I wont freeze to the ground when I get out. Its lower to the ground easier for Ken to get in and out when he is in the wheel chair.

This is at the side back of the house. See the stables. We keep 3 horses in there. On the other side we have tractors and such in there. Snow removal things.We keep or snow mobiles in there too.

This is where we play on our laptops and talk to you guys... Im usually in the chair next to the windows/ patio doors.. Ken is in the one right next to me.

Our game room.... We have had many people over to play on our pool table.

This is the picture I took of the upstairs with my new fish eye lens. I think it turned out nice!

Finally, this is where all our newly wed fun is had! We love this room the most. The fireplace is fantastic. Great mood setter~!

Ya'll come on for a visit any time. Ken and I are there all the time. We do vacation at our 2nd home in NC. We are here most of the time....


Anonymous said...

You have tooooooo much time on your hands!!!! but an excellent imagination!!!

kate said...

you're also a nut. that was awesome!!

Anonymous said...

People have called me to find out if it really your new home...good one girlfriend!!!!!