Sunday, February 1, 2009


Today is February 1st. The first day of the month that I have dreaded for the last 11. Today is SUPERBOWL Sunday!! Last year as you know, the beloved Ny Giants were playing the New England Patriots, and we were sick as dogs! Oh my goodness let me tell you. It was the worst I have felt in a very very long time. I hope I dont get sick like that again.JUst in case that you forgot Anyhoo.. Lets pull togehter today and cheer on the Cardinals. I hope that it is a good SuperBowl and not a boring one! Kurt warner is a HOTTIE!!!!

Just for all you guys out there... Just look at what you can see today if you go for the Cardinals

This is what you will see rooting for the Steelers. They have rings already, let the Cardinals get ONE!although it would be cool to see that the steelers would hold the record for having the most Super Bowl rings.. Id rather Kurt "CPF" Warner get it a second time.


kate said...

lmao!!!! um, i am rooting today for the steelers. but i forgive you anyway. :P

Anonymous said...

Would have loved to see the Cardinals pull it off, but it was a great Super Bowl!

kate said...

and for the record, i saw no steeler cheerleaders that looked like that 'person'.