Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Bye Galloping Ghost

Today was the last day that the "Galloping Ghost" was at Rocking Ridge Rd. We have had many good years with the Galloping Ghost. The Lake Gaston times, the Bugs Island, Kerr Lake, Blews Creek and even the Atlantic Ocean times. I loved the time that Bryce was on the tube and it disconnected from the boat and well I remember laughing. Although mom at the time didnt think that was funny. Daddy made tapes of all sorts of music so that we would have something to listen too out on the lake. He taped the Jaws song and when we would go swimming he would play that du-du- du-du du-du... I think we need a bigger boat. The boat has a new home thanks to Craigs List. Mom put it on there yesterday morning and by noon I think it had a buyer. They came out last night and bam it was theirs. Very nice people. I know they will take care of the Galloping Ghost and enjoy it as much as we have. Good Bye Galloping Ghost. Please dont break down.


Lorraine said...

i must be such a sap b/c i had tears in my eyes and i never went on this boat! haha! i just remember seeing a boat a few times sitting in your driveway.
glad you had some great memories of your family with it. and if you got your sorry butt a plane tix in july, you could come on dads boat w blake and auntie d!

Lorraine said...

and no, the crick in my neck is from cowboy troy....he had a cd out years ago and that was one of the songs. i loved it. haha korey HATED it. all it said was 'i gotta crick in my neck'